The Becoming Journey

If we don’t fall upwards into who we are, we leave a part of us unknown and a life less lived.

About Becoming

Becoming is about helping women to take a journey of discovery, to find the woman, the leader, they were always created to be.  Becoming will help you to start leading a full, whole-centred life, knowing your inherent value and finding your purpose for all the many roles that you fulfil.  Becoming will help you to share this wisdom with the next generation, connecting you not just to yourself, but to humanity as a whole.

It is a journey of coming home.

The Becoming Journey

The Becoming Journey is a new take on leadership and development for women. Over the course of 4 months we walk alongside you, helping you to discover the leader you are and unstick from the challenges that block you.

Delivered as a high-quality, flexible, virtual learning journey, you’ll use rich and interactive media and enjoy experiential virtual workshops. You’ll build connections with other women, which will be fortified as you join the Becoming Community for ongoing support.

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Our next open programme starts in September 2022.

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In-house programmes can be timed to align with your organisational needs.

Tracey Williamson

It has been the most self-reflective learning journey I’ve undertaken and as such it has given far more self-awareness, at a deep level, than any other learning experience.  I step forward with greater confidence, courage and self-acceptance.

Madeleine Milne
Managing Director / Women on Boards UK

The Becoming Journey has been a very impactful process and experience.  I feel I have gone on a journey of self-reflection and ultimately self-acceptance.  I didn’t really know what to expect from the course before I started but I am so glad and privileged to have experienced it and am sure a lot of the content will stay with me for many years to come. 

Carolyn Thornley-Yates
Head of Mortgage Proposition and Distribution / Hinckley & Rugby Building Society

The Becoming Journey was different to any course I’d attended before – rather than learning new information or trying to improve one’s knowledge or skills, it guided us to look within ourselves and appreciate, accept and enhance our own thoughts, feelings and characteristics.  It has given me a new sense of confidence and peace.

Independent Consultant

This is a very valuable investment of time and will enable you to grow both personally and professionally.  The tools you will learn are for lifelong learning and this journey will open your eyes to seeing things in a completely different way.  Be prepared to be inspired by heartfelt stories and insights

Be prepared to reflect, deeply and fearlessly!  This isn’t your usual leadership / management course, but if you are willing to take the plunge, it’s definitely worth it.


The Becoming Journey has had a MASSIVE impact on me.  After many years I feel that I have truly unpicked all the layers that have built up over the years, challenged myself and now know that I AM ENOUGH!

Independent HR Consultant

If you feel stuck or know that you are not living your life to your full potential then this journey is for you.  You will get to know your compass and this will help to guide you going forward – reassured that you know who you are, how you wish to live your life and what is important to you.

Engagement Manager / Technology Company

The journey itself is quietly powerful. The aha-moments are deeply personal without feeling awkward. I discovered things about myself I didn’t know before and revisited some old places that needed dusting off and healing.  The calibre of women in the group is in itself an inspiration and yet we’re all humbly learning together.


The Becoming Journey gave me a supportive network, tools and encouragement to find my values and voice, to drop the struggle with my inner critic and listen to my inner mentor – all of which gives me confidence to go forward with more purpose and inner strength.

The Becoming Journey will help you to:

Find your purpose and live a full, whole-centred life

Value yourself so that in turn you can value other people

Face into challenges instead of avoiding them

Take the opportunities life presents you with

Be comfortable in your own skin, whatever role you are asked to play

Leave your mark on the world one tiny ripple at a time.

Support you throughout

Real change is ongoing. Over six months you’ll be supported through eight modules.

Flexible and virtual

This fits around you. Knowing how busy your life is, you can participate from anywhere.

Complete journey

With materials to engage you, help you check-in where you are at, help you explore and interactive sessions.

Real-time with you

In the interactive sessions we’ll be live together. And there are materials you can go back to as well.

Practices to use in your life

Reminders and activities help you to put this new way of living into practice, along with a buddy to keep you accountable.

The power of stories

The real stories of women like you bring the journey to life and draw out the most valuable lessons.

What you will learn

Session 1 Who am I?

Knowing your starting point is essential for any journey planning. In this first module you’ll learn how you make sense of and respond emotionally to situations, building the basic skill of perspective taking.

Session 2 Dropping the struggle

When the storms of life come along, we can drop anchor and let the winds blow until the storm passes. In the second module you’ll learn how to be more present to your emotions and to your life, and to hold things a little more lightly.

Session 3 Finding a companion

No journey should be taken alone. Finding someone to walk the journey with you and to trust in your own insight and mentoring ability are the lessons from the third session.

Session 4 Finding your firm ground

By working on your breath, posture, and voice this module teaches you how to find your firm ground so you can be focused, communicate clearly and listen well. You’ll then find that from this centred position you can be generous and those around you are generous in return.

Session 5 Fighting the demons

We easily own the qualities that we like in ourselves, but disown those parts that are hidden in our shadow. This module challenges you to claim the parts of you that you find hard to see, so that you can start to grow into who you are.

Session 6 Discerning my story

It’s normal to wish our history was different, but we each have a choice to take the life we have lived and make something new from the pieces. This session helps you to value yourself, understand your boundaries and choose the story of your life.

Session 7 Claiming your wisdom

Being alive means living out your purpose. In this module you’ll become clear about what’s important to you, find your “who” centre and learn how to make use of what leads to life.

Session 8 Creating the ripples

You have wisdom to be shared. Part of the journey to know what wisdom needs to be passed on to other generations. You’ll identify how you can create a ripple in your home, your job, and your community that will leave the world in a better place.

The journey doesn’t end here…

The journey doesn’t end after the last module. You will join the Becoming Community – a warm and supportive network of women who have walked the Journey before you.

The Becoming Community meets regularly to create connection, provide support, continue learning and make ripples in the world.

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