The Becoming Community

Learning how to become is a journey best done together

The Becoming Journey doesn’t end at the last module. 

Once completed, you join the Becoming Community – a group of like-minded women who have walked the Journey ahead of you.  Members are based in Canada, UK, Europe, Singapore and Australia.

This warm and supportive network of women comes together to create connection, provide support, continue learning and make ripples in the world.

Our regular events include

Peer Coaching

We facilitate quarterly peer coaching
calls, where we support someone
with their current challenge, asking questions and offering ideas and reflections.


We provide quarterly learning calls,
where we refresh or add to the tools
and techniques that are shared in the Journey and reflect on how and when they might be useful


We run quarterly co-working calls, particularly
targeted at women in our network who work alone
or virtually and want to spend time in the company of others, but focused on their own priorities.

Coffee & Chat

Once a month we meet to catch up – no agenda, no facilitation, no output, just good old fashioned chat.

In addition, we run a private LinkedIn group where all the women from the network can share and discuss matters close to their hearts.  And the Community gets a special invite to all our regular public events. 

The Becoming Community is a lively and valued network that keeps the Becoming Journey alive.

“An amazing experience of sisterhood”

Anonymous, Member of the Becoming Community