Life is not straightforward or a straight line.

Everyone gets a bit stuck at times. Everyone hits a challenge that knocks them back and makes them unsure about how to move forward.

You might be:

  • Taking on an exciting new challenge and seeking some support to help you do it well.
  • Looking for a career change and not sure how to get started.
  • Returning to work after a break and finding it difficult to re-establish yourself .
  • Having a clash of style with someone at work and searching for a way to work through it.

We have helped people in all of these situations, and more. And we can help you.

Our approach

We believe that you are already enough. Our aim is to help you to live a life that reflects that, whatever your role and wherever you are on the path.

And that doesn’t mean coaching is easy. We’ll listen deeply to who you are and what you want to achieve. We’ll challenge your thinking on ways of leading and behaving that you haven’t yet considered. We’ll share with you the tools that will help you take the next step on your journey.

How we work with you

  • Experienced coaches to guide women through a personal journey of discovery
  • Flexible packages available over a number of months to a single solutions focused hour.
  • Access to resources and tools from the Becoming Leadership Programme

We offer

Flexible package

You want to tailor the Becoming journey to your own challenges.

  • A free, no commitment, 30min “chemistry” call to match the right coach for you.
  • 90min coaching calls where we work together to achieve your goal.
  • Flexible package from 4-12 session over a number of months
  • Access to tools and resources from the Becoming Leadership Programme, tailored to your situation.

Power hour

You have a specific problem that you need to think through with someone.  You’re clear on what you want to achieve, you just haven’t figured out the steps or the sequence that will get you there. You get:

  • A pre-coaching questionnaire so that we start on the same page.
  • A 1hr coaching call focused on finding solutions and agreeing actions.
  • 48hrs of post-coaching support for you to reflect and ask additional questions.


You want a coach and all the benefits that brings. You have an approach in mind and it isn’t listed here.

Contact us and we’ll discuss what you need.