Enabling women to lead unapologetic lives through personal and leadership development.

The journey of Becoming

At Becoming we help women find who they were created to be.

Too much leadership development is about telling women what to do and how to do it.  It is about standing in front and directing women to act in ways that are desirable or deemed to be successful.

At Becoming, we walk alongside women. We help them take a journey into themselves, to seek out their true self and their absolute identity.  We help them face into their challenges, uncover their shadows and integrate their many facets into one whole.

We’re not here to tell you how to lead.  We’re here to help you discover the leader, the woman, you are within. 

A journey for Women

As individuals, as women, we spend the first half of our lives building the “house” we live in – our identity, direction, significance and boundaries. These structures help us to feel valued.  They help us to face challenge and contradiction with stability and certainty.

For some, this ‘house’ is so ordered that we want to stay there, hanging onto our validations, securities, prejudices and hurts.  If we do, life gets narrower and smaller.

But sometimes, either through choice or circumstance, we are brave enough to set out on a larger journey.  To make a leap of faith and seek a broader, deeper perspective on ourselves and our lives.  We seek meaning, connection, integration, within ourselves and with humanity as a whole.  We seek a larger, richer life.

This is the journey of Becoming.  We will walk it with you.

A journey for Leaders

As organisations, as leaders, we often subscribe to a belief that leadership is a skill that can be taught.  We invest heavily in providing tools, techniques, hints and tips that explain what to do and how to do it.

Naturally, there is value in this.  At the start of a leader’s career, it provides structure and safety.  It equips them with the tools of the job.

But as leaders get more senior, and talent pipelines become thinner, we need to be bold enough to stop focusing on what the leader does, and instead help them to uncover who they are.  We need to embrace the rich diversity of the leaders that we have, and the wealth of strength and wisdom that they bring.  We need to help them find meaning, create connection, and integrate all parts of themselves and their role for the good of both the organization and humanity as a whole. 

This is the journey of Becoming.  We will walk it alongside you and your leaders

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Becoming Journey

An online, virtual leadership journey for women who are stuck or knocked off-track in their leadership career. And for organisations who want to help women transition in their business.

Coaching & mentoring

Working with individuals to help them on a personalised journey of discovery to address the leadership and career issues they are facing.

Bespoke Consultancy

Consultancy and support to help organisations integrate their D&I and women’s development offerings with their wider leadership development.

Women’s Networks

Consultancy and support for women’s networks both in- and outside organisations, including design and delivery of workshops based on principles of the Becoming Journey.​

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