For Individuals

Becoming is dropping into your soul to live a whole-centred life

As a woman, sometimes by choice, and sometimes by circumstance, you get knocked off track, stuck or lost in some way.  It is all too easy to lose the sense of who you are, as you are busily trying to be on the journey that other people want you, need you or tell you to be on. 

  • You get knocked back by the glass ceiling too many times, succumbing to what the corporate (often masculine) world tells you to be.
  • You have babies and suddenly realise that the journey you were on doesn’t make sense anymore, but you don’t know how to integrate your new identity into a new journey or path.
  • You get divorced, and suddenly the journey you were on doesn’t make sense anymore and you don’t know what road to take or who you are now.
  • You get attacked/violated/assaulted/harassed/discriminated against and lost confidence in the woman you were growing into and don’t know how to be OK on that journey anymore.
  • You start to age, or have a health crisis, and begin to question what womanhood means, what ageing means, and whether you are still valid and entitled to be on this journey.
  • You lose people close to you, parents, siblings, loved ones, and your own mortality suddenly becomes stark and frightening, causing you to question whether you are living the life you want.

At Becoming, we can help.  Becoming is about helping women to take a journey of discovery, to find the woman they were always created to be.  Becoming will help you to start leading a full, whole-centred life, knowing your inherent value and finding your purpose for all the many roles that you fulfil.  Becoming will help you to share this wisdom with the next generation, connecting you not just to yourself, but to humanity as a whole. 

Becoming is a journey.  We will walk it with you. 

We can work with you in two ways

Join a Becoming Journey

  • A flexible, virtual journey of 8 modules over 4 months. 
  • Materials to read, practices to apply and real-time interaction to stimulate learning
  • Personalised support from us and your peers

Personalised coaching

  • Work with one of us individually to take your journey at your own speed
  • Flexible packages available from 4-12 sessions over a number of months
  • Access to resources and tools from the Becoming leadership programme

“It is such a different experience to any of my previous development experiences. The ability to go deep, and elevate at the same time is the best description I have. Coupled with an amazing experience of sisterhood.”

Anna, change Consultant