When we speak the truth we no longer need to apologise for who we are

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Not just a victim

Women find themselves on the receiving end of bullying and harassment more often than you’d expect. In this 1 hour webinar, in collaboration with Speak Out Revolution we provide some tools for anyone who has been a target of workplace bullying and harassment, so they can exercise their agency, power and choice. And if that’s you, we want you to know you are not just a victim.

Unjudged – A story of gender transition, Cynthia Fortlage

Cynthia Fortlage is an international award-winning LGBT+ executive, entrepreneur, and board leader. In 2016 she came to terms with a 46-year denial of her gender identity. She is now the founder and CEO of CAF Services, providing Gender Identity coaching for Women & 2SLGBTQIA+ persons and supporting helping individuals and organisations address gender diversity issues.

Cynthia spoke with us about her experiences as a transgender woman, with the aim of helping us to build our acceptance through a deeper understanding of her individual experience.