Women’s Networks

Four interlocking hands to show power of women's networks

Women’s networks have the power to fundamentally shift the leadership of your organisation

Organisations worldwide increasingly understand that to thrive in today’s complex business environment, they need to embrace all forms of diversity, including gender.

Women leaders are motivated to make a positive impact on the world, to drive inclusion and build collaborative workforces that best serve society at large. 

Women’s networks are a powerful tool to support the development of those leaders.  And yet, the way that women’s networks are implemented and run is often inherently gendered, based on the way that men prefer to operate. And as a result, they rarely deliver the desired impact.

At Becoming, we work with organisations to build and support women’s networks differently.

Our approach to women’s networks

At Becoming, we believe that doing women’s networks differently means doing three core things:

  • Focus on the women – serve their needs, hear their truths, honour their points of connection.
  • Grow engagement organically – enable the network to mature and develop in response to the women that it serves.
  • Allow impact to emerge – focus on purpose not outcomes and trust that ripples of impact will follow.

If you enable women to thrive, then they will build the environment they want to be in, they will drive the changes they want to see, and they will make your organisation a better place. 

Working with organisations

We consult with organisations that are setting up a women’s network or are refreshing their approach to an existing one. We can:

  • Research the challenges faced by women in your organisation and what they need to truly help them thrive.
  • Recommend a strategy that meets those needs and aligns to your network’s purpose.
  • Design an approach to your network’s activities and experiences, including communication to drive engagement (e.g. branding, campaigns, nudges).
  • Evaluate the impact of your network using metrics that align to its maturity and activity

Working with women

We run sessions for women’s networks that meet that challenge of doing things differently. Examples include:

  • Safe Spaces – facilitated sessions to speak honestly about challenges that women face but don’t always discuss.
  • Storytelling – inviting individuals to tell stories that open our eyes to the experiences of other women.
  • Personal Development – workshops to share approaches that help women to deal with the challenges they face in their personal and professional lives.
  • Expert input – invited speakers from our network of associates to provide expertise and insight.

“I would highly recommend their workshops to any organisation that seriously wants to drive a more inclusive and diverse workforce and create a more mindful and happy workplace.”

Bixuan Xu, CoChair of Chinese Women in the City

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