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Safe Space: Walking the Tightrope as a Manager”

Managing in the new normal is like walking a tightrope. Some may argue that the role of manager has not changed, but the landscape and the expectations of people and organisations certainly has. So what support do we need to offer managers in order to help them do their jobs well?

Most organisations have now created their new normal, with whatever flexible working arrangements that includes. But the new normal is more than just logistics. And, navigating it presents managers with a whole host of challenges, such as…

“My team still message me at all times of day and night. Am I expected to be their friend as well as their manager?”

“She’s definitely not producing what we need. But how do I have that performance conversation when we’re not face to face?”

“They’ve said we all have to come in, but most of my team don’t want to. How do I negotiate on their behalf?”

“I’m regularly dealing with anxiety and tears. Should I be acting as a therapist?”

“I’m under pressure for things to “get back to normal”, but everything is so different. What do they expect me to do?”

How can organisations help them to manage both people and performance in the post-pandemic world?

Join us for our Safe Space on 23 November, 2-3.30pm UK. We’ll explore how expectations of managers have changed, and what we can do to help them walk the tightrope of the new normal.

Our Safe Space events aim to bring people together to explore a thorny issue.  No expert input, no pre-prepared answers, simply a space to discuss what is going on, and think about what might be helpful. This event is open to all – we look forward to seeing you there.


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Nov 23 2022


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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