Courage over confidence

“We need our women to be a bit more confident” “I’ve been told all I need is a bit more confidence” “I wish I could be more confident in myself” How many times have you heard phrases like the above?  How many times has someone given you this kind of feedback?  Maybe it was inContinue reading “Courage over confidence”

Acceptance trumps understanding

Cynthia Fortlage purposefully shared her story as a transgender woman at our recent Unjudged event. In doing so, she taught us the importance of acceptance. And acceptance trumps understanding. In fact, acceptance must come before we attempt to understand why someone might make the transition, even after more than four decades living as a man;Continue reading “Acceptance trumps understanding”

Create a movement, don’t just challenge

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples” Mother Teresa This week, International Women’s Day has caused a flurry of activity across social media.  With their invitation to #choosetochallenge, IWD has invited people across the world to cast a stone.  By raising our hand,Continue reading “Create a movement, don’t just challenge”

Shadow work: asking for business

It’s hard to ask for business when you start a new company. I’ve spent a whole life believing I am the person who keeps to the rules and responds politely; in addition I’m always the one being practical and realistic; in addition I can think things through fifteen times for fear of making a mistake,Continue reading “Shadow work: asking for business”

Drop anchor when the storms of life come along

Every boat needs an anchor.  Dropping the anchor is a way of stabilising the boat, and of preventing it from drifting in the winds and currents of the sea. But have you ever thought about how you, too, can drop anchor? Why is this important? You don’t have to look very far in the currentContinue reading “Drop anchor when the storms of life come along”