It’s Ok not to solve all your employees’ problems

At our Safe Space event in November, we explored the current tightrope leaders face, exacerbated by the impact of the recent pandemic. Namely executives expect their managers and their teams to deliver results. At the same time, after two years of turmoil, employees have experienced managers who lean in, are compassionate and connect with their humanity. Leaders andContinue reading “It’s Ok not to solve all your employees’ problems”

“Build back better”: A radical rebuild

This is the final blog in a series of three, exploring the opportunity that we currently have to build back better for women at work. The need to do things differently The She-cession and The Great Resignation enable us to seize the opportunity. We can radically shift gender equity through building back better and generatingContinue reading ““Build back better”: A radical rebuild”

“Build back better”: Thinking Differently

This is the second blog in a series of three, exploring the opportunity that we have to build back better for women at work.  The first blog explored the unique confluence of events that has created this opportunity to build back better.  This second blog questions what we might need to let go of, inContinue reading ““Build back better”: Thinking Differently”

Authentic leadership lessons from the world of jazz

A game of workplace bingo will surface the oft used trope “authentic leadership.” It’s a phrase bandied around in leadership circles and in HR teams. We mouth the words and espouse the need for our key employees to lead authentically. But be honest. Don’t we all struggle to really know how to do this? HappilyContinue reading “Authentic leadership lessons from the world of jazz”

Courage over confidence

“We need our women to be a bit more confident” “I’ve been told all I need is a bit more confidence” “I wish I could be more confident in myself” How many times have you heard phrases like the above?  How many times has someone given you this kind of feedback?  Maybe it was inContinue reading “Courage over confidence”

Acceptance trumps understanding

Cynthia Fortlage purposefully shared her story as a transgender woman at our recent Unjudged event. In doing so, she taught us the importance of acceptance. And acceptance trumps understanding. In fact, acceptance must come before we attempt to understand why someone might make the transition, even after more than four decades living as a man;Continue reading “Acceptance trumps understanding”