Alison has helped me to find ME again, literally.  After two maternity leaves and an utter loss of sense of self, she has helped to restore my confidence and belief in who I am and what I can do.

At work I had burnt out. Alison helped me discover what was important to me, what I valued and what was weighing me down. I really love that Alison took a holistic view with her approach and allowed me the space to talk freely and openly.

Liz has an empathetic style where I felt heard and understood.  She was able to give me space and time to reflect while understanding my dilemma and the disconnect I was feeling.  Liz asked pertinent questions, they weren’t always comfortable to think about or answer, but often got to the heart of the matter andContinue reading

The coaching I had with Liz helped me to recognise and process my emotional reactions as well as exploring the right decision for me.  This was a period of deep self-reflection, with Liz providing valuable feedback and provocative questions that got me to a place where I was accepting of the change, excited about theContinue reading