Register your interest in the Becoming Journey with Miles Advisory

Register your interest

We’re delighted that you are interested in the Becoming Journey with Miles Advisory.  Please complete these questions to help us understand your current situation, and what you want to gain from joining us on the Journey.  If you have questions, we’ll be happy to answer them before you decide to proceed. 

Each Becoming Journey is for up to 12 women and is sold on a first-come, first-served basis.  Programs are run regularly through the year, and additional dates may be added to meet demand. Your place will be reserved upon receipt of a deposit or full payment.
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At Miles Advisory we are driven by a belief that the leaders we place are uniquely positioned to create positive outcomes for all stakeholders. As equally responsible for the environment, societies and communities they interact with, as they are for the success of the organisations and people they lead.​

​Our purpose then is to help organisations find and enable leaders to surefootedly influence this global leadership priority of creating value equally for everyone invested in their organisation. Whether their investment is through shareholding, employment, supply chain or environment.​

​Women leaders bring with them an increase in diversity of thinking, innovation, collaboration and empathy. All critical to understanding and engaging with the broader range of stakeholder. Yet organisations have been far too slow in increasing the number of women they have in senior leadership positions. The Becoming Programme provides organisations with a specific development approach capable of moving the dial effectively and at pace toward this.​