Meet The Team

We are a small team of professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Dr Alison Maitland

At face value, my bio runs something like this: Alison’s approach combines a deep understanding of human performance with the practical experience of leading in multi-national organisations in sport, the private sector, charities and public life. As a psychologist, she is as comfortable working with individuals taking their first step on their career journey to those who feel they’ve achieved much already. Alison is an expert in leadership and women’s development, backed up with rigour grounded in research, a PhD in the psychology of elite performance. She has two fabulous grown-up daughters and lives near London with her husband and two cats.

In reality, I am on the same journey of Becoming as you, finding my way home to who I am. I’ve messed things up and excelled, I’ve built relationships and devastatingly been hurt in them, I’ve lived without a care in the world and had a season where everyday was a trial, I’ve experienced great joy and deep sadness. It is this experience that equips me, along with insight shared by many wise teachers, to walk alongside you, helping you to open doors and shine a light on what’s there, as you too travel towards a full rich and centred life, leaning deep into your soul.

Liz Walker

I have 20 years experience in Leadership, Learning and Development in global organisations, including leading management consultancies, law firms and “big four” professional service firms.  I’ve led and worked in international teams, small and large, virtual and co-located.  I have diagnosed, developed and delivered development programs and projects across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, working at all levels, from graduates to executive leaders.

I have a degree in International Business and a Masters in Organisational Behaviour. I’m accredited to coach by the EMCC. And as well as all that, I’m a mum, a partner, a daughter, a sister, a friend and occasionally a runner. 

Yet, if you asked me who I was, either professionally or personally, after my second maternity leave, I couldn’t have answered the question.  I suffered a complete loss of direction and crisis of identity.  I lost all belief in my professional abilities and could not understand how to integrate my identity as “mother” with the woman I had been before.  Luckily, I met women who understood my position and who mentored and supported me to find my way back to me.  I’m not a finished article by any means, but I’m ready, and more importantly committed, to help other women on their Becoming journey.

Dr Cath Bishop

I have explored and experimented, discovered and developed through careers in Olympic sport, diplomacy and now leadership development; and I am a mother of two. As an Olympic rower for 10 years, I learnt about the highs and lows of high performance. I understood how to define success in a broader way than simply medals and developed a resilience that wasn’t about toughness but about connection and adaptability.

As a diplomat in the Foreign Office, I spent 12 years working on policy and negotiations, with posting to Bosnia and Iraq. What I loved about the world of diplomacy was that it’s unashamedly about developing relationships and exploring collaboration, however tough the obstacles and barriers might be.

My current work encompasses coaching, team facilitation, cultural change and leadership development. All of these approaches focus on supporting a deeper understanding of ourselves and our impact on others. They involve an ongoing process of learning, relearning and unlearning, which I am constantly on too. I teach on Executive Education programmes at the Judge Business School, Cambridge and other business schools. My first book, published in October 2020 is called ‘The Long Win: The Search for a Better Way to Succeed’

Seren Trewavas

My favourite artist Pablo Picasso said “the first half of life is learning to be an adult – the second half is learning to be a child.” The first half of my life was a bit of odyssey; trying to understand others’ expectations of me.  Working hard at school. I was the model student, going on to university and beyond, becoming a chartered organisational psychologist. As I got onto the career ladder, I worked my way up to senior roles in big corporations like the BBC.   It was a great story of achievement, and yet there was still something inside me dissatisfied. My life wasn’t balanced and I was burning out. 

Through working with a coach and mentor I realised I had been living a life shaped by others’ expectations.   What really mattered was doing what I enjoyed and found fulfilling.  I didn’t have to live like this.  But to realise this I had to stop swimming in the river and step out of it. That required me to listen to my inner creativity, spontaneity and intuition and tune down the disapproving, doubting and overly rational voices that sapped my energy.     

I’ve now been able take everything I learned in the first half of my life and leverage it in a way that suits me, making some big changes.  I now have my own coaching practice called THRIVE, accredited with the ICF.  I focus on what I am passionate about – helping people unlock their potential and have the conversations that really matter.  And I am also able to focus on my interests which include writing, triathlons, half marathons, yoga and nutrition.

Jenna Woolven

The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.”  This Socrates quote sums up the journey I have been on in my life so far. Having come from an elite sporting background, the pursuit of more, better, further was something that was ingrained in me. I was fortunate enough to find psychology and the world of personal development and have been totally fascinated by it ever since. The idea that we can be the person, the performer, that we want to be is something I now dedicate my time helping others realise.  

I am a Chartered Sport & Exercise Psychologist working with elite athletes in a range of sports, as well as leading psychology programmes in schools helping to develop mindset, resilience and wellbeing in students and staff. I also work as a performance consultant in the business environment, helping leaders to apply the lessons of sport and psychology to their own lives. Supporting charities that help children from underprivileged areas to develop their mindset and beliefs is something I gain huge fulfilment from.  

I love the work I do, and for that I am so grateful. I want everyone to feel like that, and I am passionate about helping people to realise their potential, achieve their goals and live more fulfilled lives. 

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