It is the child in us who can truly live in a state of becoming, always open to growth and change.

Surreal experience of gaslighting
You’re crazy.Don’t be so sensitive.You’re overreacting.Don’t be paranoid.I was just joking!It doesn’t mean anything.You got that completely wrong.That didn’t happen.You Read more
bullying and harassment at work
If you have been affected by bullying and harassment at work we've collated a few helpful resources, following our "Not Read more
swirl of paint showing movement
“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”Mother Teresa Read more
Stories are just words that can be rewritten. What if you could rewrite your story? Read more
Picture of the shadow of a woman
It’s hard to ask for business when you start a new company. I’ve spent a whole life believing I am Read more
Finding your true voice is a physical thing, not just what you say, but how you prepare your body to Read more
Newspaper headline on siege at US Capitol
We can only change ourselves. The truth is we can only change ourselves, not other people. Despite what we might Read more
Inner Critic
You can choose how you act, no matter what your inner critic says. Even when she’s waving the warning flag, Read more
Every boat needs an anchor.  Dropping the anchor is a way of stabilising the boat, and of preventing it from Read more
Is Leadership Development just “mansplaining” by another name - “leader-splaining”? Read more
Walking a tightrope

Walking the tightrope between compassion and performance

How do managers walk the tightrope between compassion and performance? And how can organisations help leaders to manage both people and performance in the post-pandemic world?  The changing workplace  Before Covid-19 employees could choose how much of their home life to bring to work, with many drawing a firm line between the two. The focusContinue reading “Walking the tightrope between compassion and performance”

Continuing the journey of Becoming

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