It is the child in us who can truly live in a state of becoming, always open to growth and change.

Newspaper headline on siege at US Capitol
We can only change ourselves. The truth is we can only change ourselves, not other people. Despite what we might Read more
Inner Critic
You can choose how you act, no matter what your inner critic says. Even when she’s waving the warning flag, Read more
Every boat needs an anchor.  Dropping the anchor is a way of stabilising the boat, and of preventing it from Read more
Is Leadership Development just “mansplaining” by another name - “leader-splaining”? Read more
Halima Aden joins our list of inspiring women leaders. She is the first hijab-wearing model to walk international runway shows.  Read more
If everyone faces hardship, hurt and setbacks, why do leadership programmes not teach the inclusive leadership skill of love or Read more
Transitions are in vogue. Even if your job is not at risk as a result of the COVID crisis, you Read more
Bibiana Steinhaus is a trailblazer. She is the first woman to referee German top-flight football. The pioneering 40-year-old now takes Read more
image of snakes and ladder board as a metaphor for how we see out lives
We can only start our journey from where we are right now. That is our Square One. Read more
Maybe you’ve been on furlough leave for several weeks; on the bench as some companies call it. You could be one of Read more
Build back better needs a radical rebuild

“Build back better”: A radical rebuild

This is the final blog in a series of three, exploring the opportunity that we currently have to build back better for women at work. The need to do things differently The She-cession and The Great Resignation enable us to seize the opportunity. We can radically shift gender equity through building back better and generatingContinue reading ““Build back better”: A radical rebuild”

Continuing the journey of Becoming

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