It is the child in us who can truly live in a state of becoming, always open to growth and change.

fingers holding threads of a tapesty
Finding your purpose is like finding the golden threads in the rich tapestry of your life. And once found, it Read more
A clear plastic brain on a stand depicting neurodiversity
Reflections and take-aways from a story of dyslexia from the life of Lorna McHugh Read more
Jazz musician
A game of workplace bingo will surface the oft used trope “authentic leadership.” It’s a phrase bandied around in leadership Read more
woman jumping over gap with courage
“We need our women to be a bit more confident” “I’ve been told all I need is a bit more Read more
Wall showing two messages of inclusion and acceptance
Cynthia Fortlage purposefully shared her story as a transgender woman at our recent Unjudged event. In doing so, she taught Read more
Companions are a necessary part of every journey. Who is walking your journey alongside you? Read more
black smoke coming from fire
The recent Channel4 programme presented the shocking statistic that 9 out of 10 women felt menopause had a negative impact on Read more
woman in black leather jacket holding black smartphone
Following our Safe Space Event asking "Can women's career's flourish through menopause", we've collated some resources relating to menopause at Read more
What do you do when you don't feel "expert enough"? Read more
Holding a mirror up
Imagine this: You’ve been subject to bullying for weeks, months, maybe even years. You’ve grappled with continual jibes and anxiety Read more
Walking a tightrope

Walking the tightrope between compassion and performance

How do managers walk the tightrope between compassion and performance? And how can organisations help leaders to manage both people and performance in the post-pandemic world?  The changing workplace  Before Covid-19 employees could choose how much of their home life to bring to work, with many drawing a firm line between the two. The focusContinue reading “Walking the tightrope between compassion and performance”

Continuing the journey of Becoming

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