The Becoming Journey women's leadership development

The Becoming Journey – Tuesday (UK daytime)

The Becoming Journey seeks to make a profound difference to women, helping them stand firmer and taller in the face of these challenges. Participants will leave with a clear sense of their self-worth, their purpose and their potential impact on the world. This, in turn, will enable them to empower, influence and lead in a way that facilitates change, inclusion and better outcomes for individuals, organisations and society.

Our focus is on enabling women to address the organisational and personal barriers that typically interrupt or stall their career success. We equip them to achieve their potential by giving them tools to take control and address these challenges.

The Becoming Journey is for women who:

  • Are taking on significant management or leadership roles and want to effectively navigate the challenges faced by women at this level in the workplace.
  • Are in the second half of their life and career
  • Want to develop into and accept the leader and woman they are, not be criticised for who or what they are not.
  • Feel stuck in their leadership journey and want someone alongside to help them unstick, so they can progress further as a leader.
  • Are moving to a new role or transitioning upwards and want to take control of their own career path.


The women who take the Becoming Journey will learn:

  • How to value themselves, not who they wish they were
  • How to get present, and drop the struggle with difficult emotions
  • How to find people to walk their journey with them
  • How to find their voice to focus and communicate clearly
  • How to fight their demons and accept and embrace their shadows
  • What their purpose is and how to use it to harness their potential
  • How to have an impact on the world, one ripple at a time


Join us. We’d love to walk with you on your journey.

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Sep 21 2021 - Dec 14 2021


Weekly except 26th October
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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