Authentic leadership lessons from the world of jazz

A game of workplace bingo will surface the oft used trope “authentic leadership.” It’s a phrase bandied around in leadership circles and in HR teams. We mouth the words and espouse the need for our key employees to lead authentically. But be honest. Don’t we all struggle to really know how to do this? HappilyContinue reading “Authentic leadership lessons from the world of jazz”

Institutional betrayal – looking in the mirror

Imagine this: You’ve been subject to bullying for weeks, months, maybe even years. You’ve grappled with continual jibes and anxiety about your performance. Over and over again you’ve doubted whether the insidious remarks and micro-acts of undermining you are experiencing are real. Perhaps you teeter on the brink of thinking maybe you are paranoid. YouContinue reading “Institutional betrayal – looking in the mirror”

You’re crazy – gaslighting at work

You’re crazy. Don’t be so sensitive. You’re overreacting. Don’t be paranoid. I was just joking! It doesn’t mean anything. You got that completely wrong. That didn’t happen. You are imagining things. I am worried; I think you are not well. You raise an issue at work. You challenge someone else in what they are sayingContinue reading “You’re crazy – gaslighting at work”

Shadow work: asking for business

It’s hard to ask for business when you start a new company. I’ve spent a whole life believing I am the person who keeps to the rules and responds politely; in addition I’m always the one being practical and realistic; in addition I can think things through fifteen times for fear of making a mistake,Continue reading “Shadow work: asking for business”

Inspiring women leaders – Halima Aden

Halima Aden joins our list of inspiring women leaders. She is the first hijab-wearing model to walk international runway shows.  “Being your authentic self can break stereotypes.” Halima Aden Her story is powerful and inspiring. Her family fled the war in Somalia and Halima was born in a refugee camp in Kenya, finally moving toContinue reading “Inspiring women leaders – Halima Aden”

Transition – The Long Goodbye

Transitions are in vogue. Even if your job is not at risk as a result of the COVID crisis, you will know someone close to you whose job is threatened or has already gone. The headline news recently proclaimed that UK payrolls shrank by 649,000 between March and June this year. And as the governmentContinue reading “Transition – The Long Goodbye”