When is the next course?

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How much time do I need each week?

We know that everyone has a different amount of time available. the time you invest in the Becoming programme can flex with your life. On average, you can expect to spend around 2 hours a week on the course to get the most from it.

What if I can’t attend the live sessions?

The journey is designed whether you can attend the live events of not. The live calls are recorded so you can access them immediately, along with all the other course materials.

What if I get behind on sessions?

Whist each module is self contained, so you can take the journey in any order you like, putting aside some time each week to follow the schedule will mean the content makes much more sense.

What is the investment?

You can pay monthly over six months at £49.00 per month, or pay for the full programme for £249 up front (and save £50). Once you have completed the course you can attend future sessions at no extra cost.

I am not sure this is for me.

We have a sample programme for you to try, click below:

Do you have something I can give to my employer? They sponsor personal development.

Contact us and we will send you something.

I am struggling to sign up to the course?

Just message us at sara.jones@becoming.international and we’ll help you get set-up on the course.

I have other questions. Can you help me?

Send us an email on sara.jones@becoming.international.

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