When you get knocked back you start to forget who you are or the journey you are on.

What we believe

No-one lives a chocolate box life.

We get lost or stuck on our journey.

We try too hard to be someone we aren’t just because those around us feel that’s who we should be. We trip over unseen barriers and uneven playing fields. We fail, pick ourselves up, fail again and then doubt that we were ever good at this. We fall out, we repair relationships and wonder what our boundaries are. We are at our peak and then notice how our body changes as time passes, being less and less reliable. The goal we once thought was the pinnacle of everything is now only part of our story. We want control over our life yet certainty seems more and more illusory.

We fall upwards.

Becoming is a journey rich in experience to find who we are.

Becoming is dropping into our soul to live a full whole-centred life. 

Becoming is leaning-in to the difficult things life throws at us with other people to support us.

Becoming is valuing ourselves so that we can value other people. 

Becoming is being seen and being heard.

Becoming is leaving our mark on the world one tiny ripple at a time. 

Why us?

We walk with you. Journeying with someone else means the walk is so much easier.  

We create safe spaces. The presence of someone who neither control nor abandons you, enables you to learn not to control or abandon yourself.  

We are normal. Life can be tough. The lows hangout alongside the highs as we try each day. Life is for living fully and centred whatever it throws at us. 

We share the wisdom. We have trodden in the steps of many wise and compassionate companions as we have, and continue to, walk our own journeys 

We give you the tools to thrive. You are like a diamond, shining brilliantly. You might just need help to polish a bit or turn towards the light from time to time, in order to reconnect to your brilliance.  

What underpins our work?

We believe that true shift comes from the intersection of psychological theory and real world experience. Our experience always provides us with a key resource for the journey. So too, the wisdom teachers who help us to approach the edge of change and make the leap forward. Research drawn from a breadth of depth psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and organisational behaviour complete the underpinning of the Becoming Journey.

What People Say

The Becoming Journey has helped me to find ME again, literally.  After two maternity leaves and an utter loss of sense of self, it has helped to restore my confidence and belief in who I am and what I can do.

Deepa, Head of L&D, Law firm, UK

At work I had burnt out. Alison helped me discover what was important to me, what I valued and what was weighing me down. I really love that Alison took a holistic view with her approach and allowed me the space to talk freely and openly.

Natasha, Digital Producer, Redhanded Agency, Australia

Liz enabled me to believe in my career dreams.  Before I thought it was a pipe dream and unrealistic, but now I believe I can achieve all the things I’d like to do.

Elinor, Counsellor, Mental Health Charity, UK

The road leads home.